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GRK502 - Biblical Greek 2 [E]

GRK 502 - Biblical Greek 2

GRK 502 - Biblical Greek 2, a 4 credit hour course of studies in the Masters programs of Reformation Inteternational Theological Seminary.

Course Description:  4 credit hours.

This is the second course in the study of the Koiné Greek in which the New Testament was written.  Before taking this course the student needs to have completed GRK 501 (Biblical Greek 1).

With the aid of 15 audio mp3 lectures, a workbook, and a textbook, the student is led through the fundamentals of the language.  In this study the student will continue to learn NT Greek grammar and vocabulary as well as translation.  Each lesson is built on the materials taught and learned in the preceding Lessons, so the Lessons are cumulative, not isolated.  The lectures by Professor Richard Gainer are specifically designed to teach candidates for the Gospel ministry.  However, the material is quite suitable for anyone to learn biblical Greek as well.

Required Materials for the Course (see below for more information and purchase)

GRK 502 - Course Payment - Biblical Greek 2 (4 credit hours)

This covers the tuition payment for this 4 credit hour course for an enrolled student. 

TEXTBOOK (Required):  New Testament Greek for Beginners (by J. Gresham Machen)

This book is required for the course and used throughout both GRK 501 & GRK 502.  There are several book choices below.  You only need to select one.  There is no functional difference between the 1951 & 1923 editions for the purposes of this course.

Hebrew-Greek Bible (optional but highly recommended) by Trinitarian Bible Society and can be used throughout all Greek and Hebrew courses at RITS (GRK 501 & GRK 502 and HEB 601, HEB 602).  A student only taking Greek may wish the Greek Bible below.

This vinyl bound hardback Bible of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures was originally printed by the Trinitarian Bible Society in 1984 and again in 1998.  The text is that which underlies the Authorized English Version or "Ecclesiastical Text".  The Old Testament came originally in 16th century by Jacob ben Chayim, a Jewish Christian who collected as many manuscripts from around the world and collated them to produce the most complete printed Hebrew Old Testament possible.  Originally published by David Bomberg in 1524-5, it became the standard edition of Hebrew Old Testament.  It was repeatedly reprinted and became the basis for the Reformation-era translations.  The Greek text is that also used by the Reformation-era Bibles.  The two combined became known as the "received text".  2288 pp.   ISBN: 978 1 86228 1165

Greek Bible (Strongly Recommended, not required):  Koine Greek New Testament Text (by Trinitarian Bible Society) recommend for students who will only be taking Greek courses. 

This is the Greek New Testament text underlying the English Authorized Version of 1611.  As you become increasingly proficient in Greek, you will find consulting the actual text to be very useful.  This is the text from which the Biblical Greek courses are taught.  This is perhaps the lowest priced Greek New Testament text available.

LECTURES & Lecture Workbook:  Greek Lectures (15) and accompanying workbook (DVD or DOWNLOADABLE VERSION with 15 audio MP3 lectures & PDF Workbook).

The lectures and workbook are by Prof. Richard Gainer using J. Gresham Machen's New Testament Greek for Beginners.  These lectures only apply to GRK 502.  The 61 pp. workbook is included with the lectures. 

The audio lectures are in an MP3 format and are available on DVD audio or by download.  DVD audio files are 70% larger in size and slightly better in audio quality due to less compression.  Downloaded files are higher compression but very audible MP3 files but come by means of zipped files utiilizing either WinZip or the freely available 7zip. 

PRINTED WORKBOOK:  These are primarily for those who do not have access to computers or printers and need a "hard-copy" of the workbook to work from.  At the present time, though, we do not have the lectures transcribed, so some access to an MP3 player will be necessary to listen to the audio files. 

These materials are printed on regular size paper on one side only and come in looseleaf fashion.  They are not recommended for most students. 

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 January, 2011.
GRK 502 - Course Payment GRK 502 - Course Payment [4 credit hour course]

GRK 502 - Course Payment

This payment covers the tuition for the entire 4 credit course on Biblical Greek 2 offered by Reformation International Theological Seminary.


 $380.00  Quantity :
New Testament Greek for Beginners 1951 (J. G. Machen) New Testament Greek for Beginners 1951 (J. G. Machen) [A Hard Cover]

New Testament Greek for Beginners 1951 (J. G. Machen)


This book is intended primarily for readers who are beginning the study of the Greek Testament either without any previous acquaintance with the Greek language or with an acquaintance so imperfect that a renewed course of elementary instruction is needed. KEY TOPICS:Provides information on the first declension, the second declension, masculine nouns of the first declension, third declension, imperfect middle and passive indicative, the imperative mood, the perfect tense, conjugations of I Give, I Place, I Let Go, I Show, I Destroy, I Cause To Stand and I Know.

This particular edition is the Prentice Hall Edition under 1951 copyright.  Size 8¼X5½" 287 pages.  ISBN - 0-02-373480-9


 $49.00  Quantity :
New Testament Greek for Beginners 1923 (J. G. Machen) New Testament Greek for Beginners 1923 (J. G. Machen) [C Paperback]

New Testament Greek for Beginners 1923 (J. G. Machen)


Content identical to that above, except that this particular edition is an enlarged print 8½ X 11" size 1923 excellent quality facsimilie edition.  285 pages.  Wide-margins for excellent note-taking and is paperback.


 $18.50  Quantity :
Hebrew-Greek Bible Hebrew-Greek Bible [D Hebrew Greek Bible]

Hebrew-Greek Bible


Retails for $35.95.  See above for details.



 $29.00  Quantity :
Koine Greek New Testament Koine Greek New Testament [E Greek NT]

Koine Greek New Testament Text


God inspired His Word to be written in Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old Testament and Koiné Greek in the New Testament. The Trinitarian Bible Society has published this Greek New Testament in the Greek language.  It is based upon the text used during the Reformation, in particular the Greek Textus Receptus of F. H. A. Scrivener. We believe that this edition not only provides an accurate text, but also gives students to studhy the New Testament in the edition underlying Reformation-era Bibles.  It also is the underlying text of the English Authorised Version of 1611.   480 pp.  Size 5" X 8".


 $8.50  Quantity :
CD AUDIO VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer CD AUDIO VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer [F CD Audio]

CD AUDIO VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer

This permanent collection of slightly better quality (due to less file compression in contrast to downloadable version) MP3 audio lectures includes 15 lectures along with the workbook for the Greek 1 course.  The Workbook comes in a PDF password protected file format. 



 $52.00  Quantity :
DOWNLOADABLE VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer DOWNLOADABLE VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer [G Electronic Download]

DOWNLOADABLE VERSION of GRK 502 MP3 audio Lectures (15) and Workbook by Prof. Richard Gainer

DOWNLOADABLE zip files include lectures (MP3 audio, highly compressed of very audible quality) and Greek 1 workbook in PDF file (password protected).   Once purchased and order processed, emails will be sent via with links enabling you to download them to your computer in sizes under 100mb each.  Once sent, you will have 72 hours within which to download them.  High Speed Internet is required. Unzipping software required by using Winzip or freely downloadable 7zip software. 



 $37.00  Quantity :


The printed lecture workbook are intended for those who need a printed workbook and don't have the capability to print from a computer.  These are recommended only for those who don't have regular access to a computer and printer.  They are not recommended for most students.  These are printed on 8.5 X 11" paper, single sided, loose-leaf, not bound.  Charges are layout and copy costs.   61 pages.

 $10.00  Quantity :
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